Welcome to the OTM - ROP Reading Platform Demonstration page. The following links provide information about our platform and an HTML demo for your consideration:

Template prototypes

Final Report - Proposed Final report based on feedback from OTM.

Final Requirements - These are the final changes that will be accepted for the ROP module. The additional requirements inlcude adding the ability to generate extra image fields (Uplod Technician). These additional images will then be avaialable in the Reading charts through a link "[More]", that will generate an AJAX viewer with the additional images.

Algorithm Test 1 (Reading Chart) - Revised templates showing results in each field. Assumption is that at least one check box filled per field. Click on the image (or navigation) to move to the next template. To view the "Interpretation" examples, click on the "View Interpretation" link in order to see the template result examples.

Algorithm Test 2 (Reading Chart - Highest Stage) - Scenario where Highest Stage is present and how that is shown on the reading charts and the final interpretation.

Uplod Technician
Reading Physician

IA: OTM Phase 2 - ROP Demo:
This demo consists of the wire frames mounted on HTML pages with limited interactivity. Its purpose is to provide a web space recreating the proposed experience of OTM ROP resources on the ROP module:

Demo Entry

Diagrams and Site Maps:
The following diagrams present a global representation of the platform sections and usability. This is the manner in which different account holders will interact with the OTM Diagnostic platforms:

1. OTM User Flow Diagram1
2. OTM Administrative Structure
3. OTM User Flow Diagram2