DH 02: The Human Spark 09/06/17

Primitive to say the least…
VIDEO: Tools, v2.0
READ: Old Caves
READ/LISTEN: NPR – Oldest painters
VIDEO(2):Lascaux is Art
READ: Beads
READ: Cave Jottings – Writing on the wall
READ(3): A very Foxy Gene
Pictures to Pictographs.
“A” for the bulls
I have an idea
More abstract
Egyptian pictures = history
Gimme some of that Vinca
Proto-Sinaitic script = Alphabet?
And that is just the start, folks. Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, and our very own Roman alphabet
VIDEO: Watch the following Documentary

VIDEO: Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog

WDS 03: HTML – Semantics to Tables 09/12/17

Read Chapter 1,2
Code Work: Review 1, 2 – Practice (create several HTML files)
Try the W3 HTML Tutorial
Create a splash page for your web site (use anything you want) with an image and a link. Example?

Read: 4, 5, and 6.
HTML: Try out all the code samples: 4, and 5 and 6. I want to see tables in particular.

How to organize your HW

Talk about Version Control
HTML is a hierarchy.
HTML Summary
All the tags
HTML Summary 2
Good resource
Looking Ahead:
– HTML link attributes
– Ch4 – Examples,
HTML is depends on file paths pg. 11
Path demo. Should end up at this LINK. You can also download the files
E-mail link magic
– Tables: Basic
– Tables: Colspan, Rowspan
Table: Photoshop Demo
HTML and the background image
Tables: background attribute

Studio 03: HTML Tables
Read: Chapter 7 and 8.
Complete Code review for 7 and 8
Following the Table Demo: Create a table with mounted image and put text on top of the images in HTML

WDS 01: Introduction 08/29/17

Review Syllabus:

HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites. John Wiley & Sons. 2011.
…and companion Site.

HW assignments – Example 1

A bit much

Prototype v.01 and 02

Sample Work:
1- Sample Student Website
2 – Sample
3 – Sample
4 – Sample

WP as a Final

– USB Drive/ external Drive
– Pad or notebook + pen/pencil

Editors – BBEdit, TextWrangler
My new favorite

Real-time editor
HTML Elements
HTML Attributes
– Setting up a development environment
– Testing code
– Version control
– Introduction to HTML

Studio 01: Set up and Intro to HTML
Read Chapter 1,2
Code Work: Review 1, 2 – Practice (create several HTML files)
Try the W3 HTML Tutorial
Create a splash page for your web site (use anything you want) with an image and a link. Example?
We will review next week

DESN 200: Design History Course Work

1. Intro
2. The Human Spark
3. Stone Structures & Civilization
4. Present Minor Project
5. Ancient Machines
6. Ancient to Middle Ages
7. Cathedrals and Arms
8. Presentation
9. Cartography RENAISSANCE
10 Rise of the Individual Designer
11. Age of Enlightenment
12. Design in the Modern Era
13. 20th Century
14. Visual Communication
15. Final Presentations

Major Project 1:

Catapult Documentation
Catapult Documentation 2
Catapults in action

Student catapult in action! #catapults #desn200 #uarts

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Redesign History
Redesign History 2

DM+M 11: Marketing and Music

Music and marketing
Party! And then, national myth.
Boston kills me
Free me to smoke
Country as a Brands need PR too.
What’s the big deal? It’s all the sameno?
When ads are too good?
Digital means data

College Radio leads to College Band
My Work in clay and metal
ITP, the place to be…
1995,newly arrived
Out with the OLD, in with the NEW?
Hypercard for Virtual Space and narrative.
Web Radio v. 1 and a sample show
Exploring Amistad
Here I am…


Present your live stream projects:
– How did it go?
– Pay attention to metrics. Did you notice anything?
– What worked?
– what would you do differently?

Ok, so why did you have to stream?
Many examples.
Useful Info

Review: Radio this week

ASSIGNMENT: Due – Wed 07/26. Present your personal site. Embed selected POSTS (image, video, audio, etc) from your social media that BEST REPRESENT:
1) You as a ___________
2) Your experience at MBET SI

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