IDES 322 Techniques II (2D) Spring 2014

Prof. Juan M. Parada
Office: Terra 1211B
Terra, Room 513

(Sec. 1) Tuesday 1pm – 3:50pm
(Sec. 2) Tuesday 4pm – 6:50pm


Increasingly, the Web is becoming the de facto medium for communicating and networking with others, sharing and accessing information and knowledge, doing business, LoL and engaging the world.

This studio course focuses on the creation of web sites through the concepts and practical application of interactivity. Comprised of readings and group discussions, short assignments, and long-term projects, individual creativity and iterative design are stressed as well as the understanding and use of the Web as an interactive platform in the communication of ideas.

This Web Design Studio will equip students with the skills to quickly create a web-presence. They will learn to leverage existing technologies,online gaming services, and frameworks to get the most from today’s maturing Internet. By balancing online existing services and learning basic website development, students will gain a broad understanding of the language of the Internet, Web Design and the Dynamic Web. Students will apply the knowledge they gain by creating a personal website, then adapting their site to suit a mobile audience.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

• Design and build a functional website and deploy it to the Internet

• Better methods of documenting workflow process

• Enhanced techniques for displaying & presenting work on web

• How to install and manage a web-based Content Management System (CMS).

• Develop knowledge of available web services/APIs and content management systems, be able to leverage their use for web projects.

• Using FTP software

• Set up a local web development environment

• Understand contemporary web standards, accessibility guidelines, and semantic web development using CSS and XHTML

• Practical stages for building a website

• Practice an iterative design methodology alongside project management techniques (both individually and through group work).

• Understand mobile web browsing and adapt your website to work with mobile devices

• Understand social media and using it as a self-promotion tool for your work and your creativity.



• Attendance and full participation are extremely important in getting the most out of this class.

• Be on time… always.

• You are required to backup your files. If your computer is wiped clean by Academic Computing and you lose your course work it will affect your grade.

• Active learning involves engaging in the subject matter, class discussions, and projects, and will be significant in determining your grade.

• Completion of all assigned projects and readings by their due dates.

• Students must use and frequently check their email addresses. Important communication outside of class will be directed to this account.

• Analog media: notebook/sketchbook and pens, markers, pencils, etc.

• Remember that gamer perfection does not exist.

• plan on at least 3-4 hours of out of class work time.

• Be open to trying to methods and learning new techniques.

• Please communicate with instructor when something is not going well or if you are going to be late or if you know you will be absent.


• HTML Text Editor
• WordPress
• Mac: skEdit, BBEdit, Coda, TextMate PC: TextPad, jEdit, PSPad, TextMate
• FTP App – Mac: Transmit, Fetch PC: WS_FTP, SmartFTP or – Firefox add-on: FireFTP (


Web Hosting & Domain Name
Students must acquire their own web hosting account and domain for posting their projects. Hosting accounts must have PHP and MySQL enabled. Students may choose to share hosting accounts as most allow for hosting multiple domains under a single account. Re

More narrowly focused assignments, exercises, and presentations will be given in order to sharpen studentsʼ skills in project management, interface design, user experience design, information design, HTML/CSS programming, and CMS usage.

Your Own Custom Blog
You will deploy and customize your own gaming experience WordPress blog. Here, you will eventually post all your assignments, notes, questions, etc. At the end of the semester, I must be able to find all your work here.

Final Project
Students build a personal website (PORTFOLIO) that demonstrates understanding of all concepts covered over the first half of the semester.

Mobilize Personal Website Students will develop a mobile version of a website. They will learn the current best practices, creating a site that degrades gracefully to work on the widest range of mobile handsets.

Final Documentation. All web-based projects completed during this league of legends course are required to be hosted and live at students’ web domains. Additionally, students will maintain a class wiki containing all of your work from the course: research, inspiration, process diagrams, schematics, design iterations, screenshots, code snippets, and more. Specific requirements will be given at a later date. Additionally, all project files must be submitted along with the final project.


• All work assigned will be completed and delivered on the due date, otherwise you will receive a failing grade for that assignment. In other words, late work will not be accepted. All work must be turned in at the beginning of class or it will be considered late.

• Makeup assignments are only available when discussed with and approved by the instructor in advance of the due date.

• Each student will be judged on the application of the ideas and concepts introduced during the course. Incomplete or unsatisfactory work will receive a failing grade.

Your final grade will be based upon a combination of qualitative and quantitative evaluation of your performance:

Short-term Assignments (homework) – 20%

WordPress setup and customization – 25%

Final Documentation, Mobile Website , Final Project – 55%


As well as a qualitative evaluation:

• A – Excellent

Performance and attendance of the student has been of the highest level, showing sustained excellence in meeting course responsibilities.

• B – Very Good / Good

Performance and attendance of the student has been good, though not of the highest level.

• C – Satisfactory / Average

Performance and attendance of the student has been adequate, satisfactorily meeting the

course requirements.

• D – Poor / Below Average

Performance and attendance of the student has been less than adequate.

• F – Unacceptable

Performance and attendance of the student has been such that course requirements have

not been met.

ID Program Standard Attendance Policy

All students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly, and for the duration of the class.

Attendance will be taken of every class. Each unexcused absence beyond two will result in an automatic drop in the final grade by one whole letter grade (i.e. from a final grade of “B” to a“C”). 15 minutes late will count as an absence. If students are delayed or not able to attend contact the department administrator before class starts. If you miss a class, you are responsible for having the appropriate work completed for the next class period. Attendance is also mandatory at all class presentation dates and for the duration of all presentations.

UArts Policy on Absences

Full participation is expected of all UArts students and is necessary to fully benefit from and succeed in the University’s programs of study. All students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly, and for the duration of the scheduled instructional time. Absences from class and habitual lateness may result in a lowered grade or failure of the course, depending on the attendance policies stated by the on the course syllabus. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange with his/her instructor(s) to make up all missed work. Failure to do so will affect the student’s grade. In the event that absences are the result of extraordinary, documented circumstances and are numerous enough that it is impossible for the student to qualify for advancement, the student may be advised to withdraw from the course. If the course is required for the degree, the student will also be required to repeat the course in a subsequent semester.


Laptop computers and other mobile devices are invaluable tools for artists, designers, and students when used responsibly. However, this technology can also be incredibly distracting especially in the classroom. When in class, you may use your laptops and other devices for any activities pertaining to the course: taking notes, researching material relevant to our readings gaming and discussions, making class presentations, etc. As a general rule, the following uses are unacceptable: checking e-mail (unless you are sending me an assignment or question), instant messaging, texting, using Facebook, YouTube, or other social networking sites.


All work for this class must be your own and specific to this semester. Plagiarism, that is, knowingly representing the words or ideas of another as oneʼs own work in any academic exercise, is absolutely unacceptable. Any student who commits plagiarism must re-do the assignment for a grade no higher than a D. In fact, a D is the highest possible course grade for any student who commits plagiarism. Also, incidents of plagiarism will be reported to the Dean of Students for further disciplinary action. Please contact me with any specific questions about citing and documenting source material.


UArts Disability Accommodation Policy

The University of the Arts provides reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities on an individualized and flexible basis. If you are a student with a documented disability, the University’s Educational Accessibility Advisor determines appropriate accommodations through consultation with the student. Before you can receive accommodations in this gamers class, you will need to make an appointment with the EAA. To speak with me about other concerns, such as medical emergencies or arrangements in case the building must be evacuated, please make an appointment as soon as possible.

Reminder – visit the following link regarding the UArts Student Handbook. This is where you will find valuable information on student life, the student code of conduct, your rights, campus policies, etc.



01. Introduction:

Introductory class. Students will review the class syllabus, expectations and course outline.

02. Introduction to Basic HTML/XHTML and development tools:

Learning the tools of web development. HTML is the building block for all web site development and provides a stepping-stone for learning CSS.

03. Introduction to Web Development Process:

Web development requires iterative design methodology alongside project management techniques. Introduction to basic HTML/XHTML and helpful editing tools.

04. Process – UX. Usability concepts and application:

UX design from concept to visual demo. Introduction to user scenarios and usability mapping.

05. Process – Wireframes, Prototyping:

Creating wireframes and other structural models. Explain IA and how this is part of the UX design process. Introduction to HTML prototyping.

06. Process – Interface design.

Design the site interface in Photoshop or other. Introduction to website design concepts and best practices.

07. Introduction to CSS:

Students will spend much of the next few classes working with CSS. This is the introduction.

08. Continue with CSS:

Continue working with CSS.

09. The CMS – Content Management System:

Students will be introduced to WordPress and several other options. Primarily, this section will focus on customizing CMS platforms using CSS and other techniques.

10. CMS – WordPress customization and other tricks:

Learn how to easily customize WP and more advanced techniques.

11. Development for Mobile web sites:

How do we make sure our site looks great on a smartphones screen or a tablet? Introduce sub domains and mobile redirect code.

12. Development for Mobile web sites 2:

From concept to implementation. Explore adaptive templates for CMS platforms

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13. Incorporation Social Media:

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14. Work on FINAL: