Radio: Syllabus

Radio Workshop
Professor: Juan Parada
M-F: 1-4PM
Office: 1211B – Mailbox on 11th floor
Office Hours: By Appointment only

Course Description:
An exploration of radio and its evolution and its practical application through our Web Radio station – WRTZ Radio.
Major Learning Objectives/Competencies:
• How will a student demonstrate that he/she has learned? Class participation and discussions.
• What observations will be made that will demonstrate the
student’s competence? Class participation is key. Every semester, the main challenge will be to set up programming and have a working schedule as soon as possible.

50%: participation
50%: Assignments

Laptop computers and other mobile devices are invaluable tools for students when used responsibly. However, this technology can also be incredibly distracting, especially in the classroom. When in class, you may use your laptops and other devices for any activities pertaining to the course: taking notes, researching material relevant to our readings and discussions, making class presentations, etc. As a general rule, the following uses are unacceptable: checking e-mail (unless you are sending me an assignment or asking a question), instant messaging, texting, using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or ANY other social networking sites.

Course Schedule:
Session 1 – Introduction to the studio and to WRTZ radio. We will have a discussion on Radio and how it has evolved over time. Commercial radio to the current formats that are increasingly available. Introduction to radio programming (how to create pre-recorded radio programming).

• Think about the kind of radio programming you would like to create.
• Listen to terrestrial radio.
• Listen to web radio.
• What are the differences?

Session 2 – Programming. Review the different kinds of radio programming on commercial and web radio. Review radio formats and discuss the way in which web radio is increasingly becoming niche focused. Using GarageBand to create prerecorded shows. Producing curated playlists using Live365. Review upload process and legal issues surrounding copyrighted material. Remember, we can include station IDs, and commentary.

• Create a 1 hour, pre-recorded radio program in Garageband or Logic. Export as an MP3 file for review.
• Think about when you want your show to “Air”.
• Send me (email- a show description and image for the Programming grid.
• Transfer songs and playlist along with all extra sound clips to the TA for upload. When would you like your curated playlist to “Air”?

Session 3 – Put Programming Grid in place and collect content to upload (MP3s, playlists). We start programming today! Promoting your show and the station. Using social media and other methods, start promoting your shows. Review strategies and data metrics.
Broadcasting from the WRTZ studio. Intro and review in the studio. Practice your live chops. We will be starting live streaming blocks from the studio during the next class time.

• Be prepared to broadcast live from the studio.
• Promote your show in order to get an audience.

Session 4 – Live Broadcasting from the WRTZ studio

CE 2411 05: LISTS – 07/07/14

Review HW
Interface Design
CSS Box model Attributes

I need order.
Just bullet points.
For definitions
Nesting (sub-lists)
typeface terminology
Standard fonts
Font Stacks
Font Size
Font weight
Font style
Drop shadow
Hover and Focus
Need to float
Read me

Review 3, 12
Practice text attributes in CSS. In particular, I want to see the @font-face
Create a 3 column web page using CSS
Read Chapter 6, 14, 15

CE 2411 03: Links, Extra Markup/Into to CSS – 06/16/14

Review HW: Talk about your Final (proposal emailed to me)
Review Site maps and wireframes.
Add more structural and semantic HTML to your pages (I will review. Email to me)

Software development prototypes (built in HTML)
The interface

Virtual Space is as old as art.
Stats for size
960 Grid
t960 upgrade
Stats for Browser

HTML is depends on file structure
HTML is depends on file paths
Ch4 – Summary
Chapter 8
Meta basics – Here are EXAMPLES
Meta from Google
Meta today
Special Characters, Escape
Ch8, Summary

CSS Intro
CSS parts
CSS Propertes
CSS Selector
The box
Pseudo class

Review 4, 8
Read: Chapter 10, 13
Revise IA and Wireframes based on feedback
Build out your Site prototype using your final wire frames.
Create your own mini web site (at least 3 pages), using css to complete the following on each page:
1. place background image,
2. Use the “box model”
3. Use pseudo classes
4. Include Declaration and metatags (refresh and redirect)

IDES 322 Final Deliverables

FINAL PROJECT DUE: April 29, 2014. We will review final sites in class (1PM)

What will you be delivering?

A. The Development Process Documents (posted on your blog):

B. Homework Assignments.

Assignment 11: Meta tags:
Play with meta tags.
Add meta tags to your site.
Try refresh and redirect

Assignment 10: WordPress Workshop 2
Make a favicon, install it
customize your WP blog. Put all assignments here
Work on Final. Design and development

Assignment 09: WordPress
Install WordPress on your server.
Play around with the themes
Play around with customizing your blog using the editing function
Show results next class

Assignment 08
This is a great resource for you to review AFTER completing the assignment below:
1. Make roll-overs without images
2. Make roll-overs WITH images
3. Make an image with a drop shadow
4. Create a rollover using the “opacity” index
5. Try setting up a drop down menu

Assignment 07:
Create your own Buzz Aldrin page, using css to place background image, box model, and pseudo classes (lnks, etc)
Create a 3 column web page using CSS
Create multiple web pages linked to an external CSS file. Use IDs and classes.

Assignment 06:
Create your own mini web site (at least 3 pages), using css to complete the following on each page:
1. Place background image and color.
2. Use the “box model”
3. Use pseudo classes

Assignment 05: Web Design:
Start designing your templates based on the wireframes (create at least a home page and Second level)
We will critique as a group next week

Assignment 04:
You should have: Requirements, User Scenarios, Usability maps, Site map (Site inventory).
Now, Create wireframes your web site (home+ top level + second level). Start with sketches.
Work on your HTML Prototype
Post to your server.

Assignment 03: Web Development Process and UIX
– Start thinking about your portfolio site. Draft requirements.
– Who is the audience? Determine the target demographic and create preliminary user scenarios.
– Create User experience maps for your site
– Create a Site Map for the site. Start with content inventory.
Upload to your site and send me the URL.

Assignment 02: HTML
4 more pages. Play with text and color (try backgrounds, etc)
Create a table.
Mount a large picture in your table (cut up)

Assignment 01: HTML
Create a splash page for your web site (use anything you want).

C. Customized WordPress site (URL*)

D. Mobile Site (URL*)

E. Final Site (URL*)

URL* – These deliverables can be one single URL IF your final is on the WP platform.

IDES 322 11: 04/15/14 – WordPress + Mobile

Last Week:
– Make a flavicon, install it
– customize your WP blog. Put all assignments here (Next week, I will produce the HW list)
– Work on Final. Design and development

Read the following articles/resources
– Some Basics
Mobile Site Bible
To Swipe?
– Sub-domain
How to redirect? My code Example. Screen Shot on iPhone
– WordPress does it for you
– More mobile me
jquery picks
ready to slide?

Assignment 11: Mobile Workshop
Create a sub domain optimized for Mobile devices. Test it on iPhone and Android
Create mobile specific site
Try a WP mobile plugin for your blog
Work on Final. Documentation + Design + Development

IDES 322 10: 04/08/14 – WordPress Customization + tricks

In Class:
WP customization:
Review Favicon creation and installation
Review WP customization

Read the following articles
Flavor FAVicon
Favicon generator
WordPress magic
WP customize
– More WP custom
– WP theme mods
– WP theme customization
– More WP tips

Assignment 10: WordPress Workshop 2
Make a flavicon, install it
customize your WP blog. Put all assignments here
Work on Final. Design and development