DH 15: FINAL! 05/08/20

1. MAJOR PROJECT #2 – FINAL: Building from Plans: PRESENT
2. In the shared drive, you will find a new Google Doc named “Attendance”. PLEASE SIGN IN.

1. Make sure all your material (plans, documentation, images, video) are in a “Final” subfolder in your shared drive folder. for the presentation, I will show your video. You (through the audio) can talk about the product and process and answer questions. you can go into the plans if you want, but that is not required.
2. I will be sharing my desktop where I will cue and play your video. Be ready to discuss this.
3. If you are having technical issues, we will do our best. Even if you can not present, MAKE sure ALL of your work has been turned in. That includes the assignments below.

1. SHORT ASSIGNMENT – Soviet poster art – Wall posters were widely used in the early days of the Soviet Union, often depicting the Red Army’s triumphs or public service announcements for the benefit of the illiterate. Create a Soviet-Style Propaganda poster for your favorite snack.

2. SHORT ASSIGNMENT – Antoni Gaudí perfected his personal “Naturalist” style, inspired by the organic shapes in nature as is evident in his design work. What would your “Naturalist” style look like if it were applied to structural objects such as buildings, vehicles, furniture, tools, etc.

3. SHORT ASSIGNMENT – Create a detailed schematic drawing for a common object (tool, device, machine, etc) that you come into contact with regularly. Your drawings should include functional details (how it works), when applicable. Place in Google shared drive.

4. SHORT ASSIGNMENT – The Printing press is considered the most important invention in the history of humanity. Create a broadsheet agreeing with or refuting this. Support with evidence from the lecture and SUPPORTING material.

Have a great summer!