I2ID 14: FINAL CLASS 04/30/20

– We will start off by reviewing your progress (present work).
FINAL (Due 05/06): Hi-Fidelity Prototype with a high level of functional detail (I should be able to click anything that looks clickable). Use animation or any other technique to make the prototype come to life. Please put a link to the working prototype in your shared folder.

– Final Interface Prototype (public link OR files. Test before sending!)
– Documentation (midterm)
– Place in the shared folder before the last class.
– Present next week

Last Afternoon Group Session – 2:30 PM:
Rapid Prototyping Exercise 3:
– Review Exercise #2 from last week. What would you change?
– Use: Modified 8–6–4–2 Rapid Prototype Method.
– Instead of segmented sketching minutes, followed by feedback breaks, let’s make the process more organic. 40 minutes of group ideation, design, and sketches to create a usability “story”.
– This means you should start by organizing the team — who is the sketcher, who keeps time, etc, etc.
– Focus on usability and functionality NOT design.
– Tell the story in images (storyboard, sketch + arrows, etc)

Prompt: E-Commerce Shop(Single Item) Design an e-commerce shop. You re selling Croc- Flops. Consider the brand, the products offered, product views, product options, desired actions (conversions, product views, etc.), and the users!