DAAT 315 14: FINAL RUN 04/28/20

Short Assignment – Practice Social Media Campaign. Duration, 1 week.
Choose a mini goal to practice. Follow the strategy and campaign guidelines.

Track results like this…

Final, due next week 05/05
– Final Web Site. Links to CV, contact info, and Social Media
– Final Portfolio
– Scratch Site
– Final Marketing Collateral (Business card)
– VIDEO: Artist Statement
– Social Media Strategy and Campaign

For the last part…
1. Goals: What do you want to accomplish?
2. Target Audience: ID your target audience
3. Competitive Research: “Famous” designers or artists you know. What are they doing?
4. Choose Channels: Twitter/FB/Insta, Pinterest?
5. Content Strategy: Type of content, time of posting and frequency of posting.
6. Engage: 2-way communication – Don’t just post and forget. Interact.
7. Metrics and Analysis:

Turn into a Campaign:
1. Understand the goal of the campaign. …
2. Decide how to promote the campaign on each channel. …
3. Create a content calendar for the week/month. …
4. Create supporting visual content. …
5. Schedule posts. …
6. Monitor and respond.

Launch your site and Social Media campaign BEFORE the next class.
Complete Deliverables above
AND be prepared to talk about your campaign.