DH 13: Postmodernism 04/24/20

1. MAJOR PROJECT #2 – FINAL: Building from Plans: Inspiration.
2. In the shared drive, you will find a new Google Doc named “Attendance”. PLEASE SIGN IN.

SHORT ASSIGNMENT – Soviet poster artWall posters were widely used in the early days of the Soviet Union, often depicting the Red Army’s triumphs or public service announcements for the benefit of the illiterate. Create a Soviet-Style Propaganda poster for your favorite snack.

It’s the process, people.
Postmodern era out with modernism
Performance Art
Is this art?
Robert Rauschenberg, a new aesthetic?
Copy Cat?
Pop Art for the masses
LoBrow Art movement
Art in Comix
Graphic Novel
Post Modern in Philly
New Stylesmoving away from the old

Light installations
Face to face
Potential for large scale
Leads to new interactive artists
And we will end with the Makers
The future

READ: Rauschenberg photography
VIDEO: Installation Art
VIDEO: Ai Weiwei
VIDEO: Miwa Matreyek- TED

SHORT ASSIGNMENT – Will be combined with next week’s lecture.