I2ID 13: LEAN UX + FINAL 04/13/20

Pulling it all together. Design + functionality.
FINAL (Due 05/06): Hi-Fidelity Prototype with a high level of functional detail (I should be able to click anything that looks clickable) Please put a link to the working prototype in your shared folder.

– We will start off by reviewing your progress (present work).

– Include more animation. Details matter!

We will continue reviewing the finishing polish (including animation) for your final project in the afternoon session starting at 3 PM.

Rapid Prototyping Exercise 2:
– Review Exercise #1 from last week. What would you change?
– Use: Modified 8–6–4–2 Rapid Prototype Method.
– Instead of segmented sketching minutes, followed by feedback breaks, let’s make the process more organic. 30 – 40 minutes of group ideation, design, and sketches to create a usability “story”.
– This means you should start by organizing the team — who is the sketcher, who keeps time, etc, etc.

Prompt: Create a global hero status interface, for a POV or first-person game, The game is not important. You are to focus on the Hero Interface that tells the player important stats such as health, hit points, inventory, etc. FOCUS ON USABILITY!