I2ID 12: DESIGN + RAPID (LEAN UX) 04/16/20

– Incorporate UI feedback into your Lo-Fi demo. Test and test again, until the final…
– Preliminary front-end design. Upload to the shared drive.
– Incorporate feedback
– Remember – Version control.

Pulling it all together. Design + functionality.
FINAL (Due 05/06): Hi-Fidelity Prototype (How about adding animation?) with a high level of functional detail (I should be able to click anything that looks clickable) Please put a link to the working prototype in your shared folder.

Old School = Deliverables:
1. Research
2. Design (Documents, Images, Etc)
3. Prototype
– Lo-Fi Clickable demo (x)
– Test(x)
– Front-End Design: (x)
4. Build
– Hi-Fi Prototype

A lot of documentation, right? Yes, it has its value but the complaint was that designers were spending more of their time meeting deliverable deadlines instead of actually designing. A better, streamlined approach was needed.

Enter Lean/Agile. In UID, it has evolved into “Rapid Prototyping” or “Lean UX”.

BREAK: Read The Article. Check back in at 2 PM for the afternoon lab.
Review LEAN UX

Rapid Prototyping Exercise:
– Introduce: 8–6–4–2 Rapid Prototype Method
– The premise of this method is to sketch for 8 minutes, 6 minutes, 4 minutes and 2 minutes with quick 5-minute feedback sessions in between.

— Prompt: Create a sign-up page, form, or app screen related to signing up for something. It could be for a volunteer event, contest registration, a giveaway, or anything you can imagine. Gp through the ideation method above. After completion of the cycle, there should be 1 Rapid Prototype. FOCUS ON USABILITY!