I2ID 09: We Are Back! Prototyping… 03/26/20

Welcome Back!
Revised Syllabus

Where we left off…
UX Research
– What do your users want to get done?
– What are their goals?
– What are they trying to achieve?

Ideally, you should adopt an iterative approach towards your design:
1. Research
2. Design
3. Prototype**
4. Build
5. Test
it’s critical not to get lost designing in a vacuum — isolated from users —

Up Next:
Prototyping: You have completed wireframes in a digital format. Now, convert to lo-fi, clickable demos.
Companion website for a book
Medical software

Adobe XD REsources
Proto 1
Proto 2

Dont like XD?

– Use the wireframes produced for your midterm and convert them into a lo-fi, clickable prototype. Be as detailed as possible.
– Check out at 3 PM
— Any questions about prototyping?
— Turning in your work?
– Upload your prototypes to the Google Class Drive Before our next class.