DAAT 315 09: 03/24/20

WELCOME BACK! Check-in at 3PM
Interviews, applications, creative marketing, and social media (metrics, best practices, integration with your professional profile).

Revised Syllabus

Salary –
Book gives 6 secrets:
1. Never discuss salary until the end of the whole interviewing process.
2. Negotiation to find out the most an employer is willing to pay for you
3. Never be the first to mention salary
4. Research before the interview
5. Research employer salary range and your own salary range – where do they meet?
6. Close the negotiation- GET IT in writing!

Practice & Preparation:
Research – find at least 3 (three) companies you could see yourself working for (the companies can be in more than one industry). Research the companies. Learn all you can about them. How would you make this company better?
Practice – Come up with the 5 questions you think they would ask you and think about your answers. Then, come up with 5 questions YOU would ask in an interview.

Marketing Collateral:
The collection of media used to support the sales of a product or service. Historically, the term “collateral” specifically referred to brochures or sell sheets developed as sales support tools. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective.
– Artist/Professional Statement (Visual Media)
– Business Cards
– Letterhead (Optional)

Plenty of resources online.
Free templates Available.
Think carefully about you design.
Business cards and optional Letterhead will be part of your final deliverables.

– Create: One (1) 3-5 minute video introduction as a Designer (put it on Youtube or Vimeo and embed on your scratch site)
– Preliminary business card design
– Practice & Preparation: have 3 companies identified