I2ID 06: Midterm – final steps 02/27/20

First is a very simple fact: UI Design is the combination of Art and Design. UI Design is about applying usability or experience design to art and is a very specific skill.

UX Research
– What do your users want to get done?
– What are their goals?
– What are they trying to achieve?

Ideally, you should adopt an iterative approach towards your design:
1. Research
2. Design
3. Prototype
4. Build
5. Test
it’s critical not to get lost designing in a vacuum — isolated from users —

– Qualitative and Quantitative; and
– Behavioral and Attitudinal

Research: UXD – User Experience Design. User Scenarios, Usability maps.

Pencils or Pixels?
Many examples out there.
Up Next –

REVISED – MIDTERM DUE 03/06/20 (EOD – No late work accepted)