I2ID 07: Midterm Due (Pt.1)… 03/05/20

Midterm presentations (Part 1). We reviewed the requirements/research and stories last week. Present your first round of UI in Wireframe format, including process (sketches).

Next Steps:
Finalize UI by using an Interface Inventory and Pattern Library. Read the following article to learn what these terms mean. Link to Interface Inventory template.

For the final iteration of your wireframes, build an Interface Library and Pattern Library and apply to your wireframe

This exercise involves starting the UX/UI development process for any of the following prompts:

1. A backpacking checklist builder. People who only backpack once or twice a year may spend so much time deciding what to take, running from store to store to pick it up, and packing it, that the trip is more work than fun — and something usually gets forgotten anyway. This software would produce simple pre-trip instructions and checklists that would alleviate these problems.

2. A cooking help system for folks who don’t cook often. Many single people cook only infrequently, so they don’t have many ingredients on hand in the kitchen. When they do cook, planning, and shopping is as much a part of their effort as following the recipe. This software would help the infrequent cook maintain a kitchen with the ingredients common to many meals, and would help plan meals that could be produced (or nearly so) with what was currently on hand.

3. A system that teaches users how the stock market works by making a game out of it. The “Game” would include fake companies that you can invest in using fake funds. Fake news reports would be tied in to create market fluctuations the way a real stock market currently functions

4. A dating site/system that relies on factors OTHER than appearance. What would the “mechanics” be if images were not part of the selection process?

1. Research (PDF)
– Who is this for (demographics)?
– What do your users want to get done?
– What are their goals?
– What are they trying to achieve?
2. Design (Documents, Images, Etc)
– User stories (2-3), identifying different users’ goals. We can use these user stories to create different scenarios. This helps us to identify clear goals. In Detail.
– Create initial user flows — written AND visual.
– Create Wireframes of the interfaces. Incorporate feedback, and solutions from your Interface Library and Pattern Library in your final version.

For 02/27, please have #1 and #2/User Stories ready to present in class.
For 03/05, please have most of the completed project ready to present in class. Final Deliverables are due 03/06 (End of the Day)..