I2ID 03: The OS as the UI + Video Games 02/06/20

HCI Instruments
Early Monitors
From these “lines”not much different
Herman and his really Amazing counter
The eventual company
To a long long line of GUIs.
Alto OS
Mac 1984
Atari ST (’85), Amiga Work Bench (’85), DeskMate (’84)
Remember these?
What Happened?
Not what MS intended…
Sometimes UI is not fair

Bertie and Nim
Tennis for 2
Nerd Alert!
AI Students
Stevie R
Inspiration comes in many forms
The Game!
Video Game Industry Pioneer
Computer Space for the masses
His company and that name
First is not always best
Much better!
Birth of an industry


The evolution of Video games includes the evolution of their respective UI.UI Design is an underrated part of game development and can make or break a game if not handled correctly. For the afternoon section, do the following:

1. Do some research and choose a game you are familiar with that is old enough to have gone through a number of UI and gameplay modifications.
Example: DK

2. Choose a game, that you have played a good amount of time.

3. Research and document the changes made (UI, controllers, gameplay, etc). EXECUTION

4. What was the end result (EVALUATION)? Did it improve or degrade the overall game experience?

Be ready to present your findings.

Some resources.