WDS 15: FINAL!!!!! 12/11/19

Develop your Final website. It must :
1. Be online, accessible through an active URL
2. Optimized for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
3. Include CSS animation and roll-overs
4. Example of P5js integrated into the content
5. Use of the JavaScript redirect
6. An example of WordPress on a separate directory
7. Include a Favicon
8. SCREENSHOT of your site

Go back to your documentation, and add the new features above.
In particular, #3, #4, #5
Include Documentation Edit (email to me)!!!

Present your FINAL!
You have until midnight, to send me all of the above.

My Work in clay and metal
ITP, the place to be…
1995,newly arrived
Hypercard for Virtual Space and narrative.
Web Radio v. 1
The Early Days
Levis 1997

Please complete a course evaluation and have a great Break!