WDS 13: Final Project + Details 11/20/19

Did you send me a URL??
Deliver completed, and finalized Development Process-

Develop your Final website. It must :
1. Be online, accessible through an active URL
2. Optimized for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
3. Include CSS animation and roll-overs
4. Example of P5js integrated into the content
5. Use of the JavaScript redirect
6. An example of WordPress on a separate directory
7. Include a Favicon
Go back to your documentation, and add the new features above.
In particular, #3, #4, #5
We will review it early this afternoon.

A date for the footer?
Read about it

LAB 13: End Game – Part 1
Present solutions for new requirements – #3, #4, #5 above.
Start developing your final.