CAS 12: Narrative 11/18/19

REVIEW: Terrain

1. Simple Animation and Basic keyframe
Create simple animation using the built-in Unity tools. It could be as simple or complex as you want. Show it if you have it.

Interactive Narrative?
A Different approach: Branching Structure
This is really just paths. Decisions mean different paths but can we make it more complex?
Points – based on actions , you accumulate points. This could determine paths taken.
Tools: Twine
Tools: Scratch
Tools: More available for 2d and Interactivity. Free at the Asset store.

LAB 12: Narrative
UNITY – Try animation and finish your Terrain.
Narrative: Examine the software options above.

FINAL PROJECT: Create and interactive narrative using any of the software solutions introduced. This includes Unity and Twine, or any other solution we have covered (HTML, Adobe XD, etc). Due last day of class – December 9, 2019