WDS 12: Favicons 11/13/19

Deliver completed, and finalized Development Process:
1. Gathering Information. Please state:
– Purpose,
– Main Goals,
– Target Audience.
2. Research: UXD – User Experience Design.
– User Scenarios,
– Usability maps,
– Competitive Analysis
3. Create:
– Structure,
– Wireframes,
– Prototype,
– mood board,
– Mock-ups
4. User Testing (Any changes?)
Send me a URL.

Homework Due Today:
– Set up WordPress and play.
– Redirect script – Example
– Try a template – Example
– Build a Parallax – Example
– Create a full-screen video loop for an HTML page (Is there a way to do this for mobile?)

Times have changed.

LAB 12: Favicon & Final
– Create a Favicon. Test it out.
Develop your Final website. It must:
1. Be online, accessible through an active URL
2. Optimized for desktop, laptop, and mobile devices
3. Include CSS animation and roll-overs
4. Example of P5js integrated into the content
5. Use of the JavaScript redirect
6. An example of WordPress on a separate directory
7. Include a Favicon