WDS 10: Complete Process + Frameworks 10/30/19

1. Make sure your Lo-Res Prototypes are complete. Test them out and send the link to me for feedback.
2. the following are due TODAY:
– a. Fully functioning and DETAILED lo-res prototype WITH feedback worked in (implement suggested changes) – Test it with others.
– b. Final mood board and the first draft of your mock-up

What is it?
Practice: If needed, review 1 – 4.
Uncover the variables
Logical OR

JS Redirect:
– How do I create a subdomain? DEMO
How to redirect?
Put it all together…
– Now, open this link on your mobile phone: http://322ides.com/js_redir.html

Many to choose from…
…and then some

LAB 10: Finalize Development Process
A. By next week, you should have the COMPLETED Web Development process for your final. This includes:
1. Gathering Information: Purpose, Main Goals, and Target Audience (Requirements)
2. Research: UXD – User Experience Design. User Scenarios, Usability maps, Competitive Analysis, User Testing
3. Create: Structure, Wireframes, Prototype, mood board, Mock-ups
4. User testing
5. Develop: Code. Add functionality. Testing. Launch (This is the last step)

B. Create an Example of the JavaScript redirect.
C. Download and try out at least one of the Templates