CAS 08: Streaming – Live and Archived 10/21/19

Serialized Content
From Last week
Some Student Examples

Video Editing: Software
iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc
Serialized content now appearing on Instagram.
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No need for iMovie, Adobe Premiere Pro, etc?

1 Periscope
2 Facebook Watch
3 YouTube Live
4 Instagram Live
5 Twitch
DEMO: Examples in class
Add a camera?

LAB 08: Streaming
Prepare your plan for streaming content that is due next class. By the end of today, email me with your proposal for 1) Serial archived content, 2) Live streaming event.

For next week:
1. Serialized content – at least 3 episodes on any platform (Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, etc)
2. Archive of one live streaming event: must be at least 20 minutes long. Must include interaction with a virtual audience, Must be archived