WDS 08: More P5 and Prototyping 10/16/19

Current Unit:
4.a. PROTOTYPE: User testing – Iteration. Content Planning (Inventory)
4.b. Mood board, Mock-ups (Start gathering material)

– finish site maps (follows your usability map)
– finish wireframes (follows your usability map)
– Finish Low- Res Prototype
>> Present (Class Critique)

4.b. Moodboard, Mock-ups (Status)
Finish Moodboard and the first version of the high-resolution mock-up.
Present Next Week.

Planning: work on your content inventory. User testing.

LAB 08: Prototyping
1. Make sure your Lo-Res Prototypes are complete. Test them out and send the link to me for feedback.
2. the following are due NEXT WEEK:
a. Fully functioning and DETAILED lo-res prototype WITH feedback worked in (implement suggested changes) – Test it with others.
b. Final mood board and the first draft of your mock-up

What is it?
Practice: If needed, review 1 – 4.
Uncover the variables
Code Along