DH 12: Visual Communication, 20th Century 04/26/19

MINOR PROJECT #2: Due TODAY – 04/26/18
Enlightenment /Denis Diderot

MAJOR PROJECT – FINAL: Due 05/03 – 05/10 Present
Part 1a: Building from Plans
Part 1b: Designing from History

VIDEO: Walter Gropius – The Dessau Bauhaus
The Bauhaus
A new kind of Visual Language
Italian Futurism, was about motion. Pan European
Russian style is big
Graphic Impact evident indeed.
Seeds for the future
VIDEO: Soviet Montage
VIDEOS: BSP vs Untouchables
READ: 100 Years of Bauhaus

Brands are symbols
VC for ages
Type for reading
Master type from a Master
Importance of typography?
Not Just a symbol?
Test of Time
Roots and Rank
Old Signs and older stones
Campbell kids
When brands are too good?
What’s the big deal? It’s all the same, no?
No, I am not related to “Prada”.

READ: History of Visual Communication
READ: Russian Constructivists
READ: 100 Years of Bauhaus