DH 12: Modern Design 04/19/19

MINOR PROJECT #2: Due 04/26/18
Enlightenment /Denis Diderot
MAJOR PROJECT – FINAL: Due 05/03 – 05/10 Present
Part 1a: Building from Plans
Part 1b: Designing from History
Ex: Alarm Clock, Atlatl 2.0, Posters

Followers of Ned Ludd
What is it?
Modernism in a Painting…
or two.
A new Visual Language
Modernist Architect
Sagrada Familia, inside and outside
The Basilica
At around the same time
Casa Batllo: Dragon
Furniture as well…
La Pedrera

VIDEO: Craft Movement
Examples: Form and Function
Furniture, and much more
VIDEO: Bauhaus in a Nutshell
The Bauhaus
Happy Birthday: Women in Bauhaus

VIDEO: Walter Gropius – The Dessau Bauhaus
READ: We all live in a Bauhaus
Need more? Just for fun…