PP 11: 04/09/19

Create a Live Streaming or Asynchronous Media plan. Present.
– should involve interaction with a live audience (of some type)
– must be AT LEAST 3-10 minutes in length
– Technical details
– Schedules: Launch date/time
– Dry runs are important
– Promotional efforts
– Results: Include metrics. How many participated, interactions, etc.

1. Media content with interaction – A one-time event ***
2. Make art or stage a performance and make it “live” **
3. Asynchronous – Meaning serialized (more than 1 episode. video or audio – Podcast) **

Edit Business card design
– Opportunity to get class feedback next week.
– Research printing solutions.

Start uploading content – Portfolio, website.
– Email me an alpha URL by next week.
– Opportunity to get class feedback next week

Work on your streaming plan and process.

Before next class, put on your streaming event.
1. Introduce your project. What was it, how was it SUPPOSED to work?
2. How did you promote the event? Show examples
3. Identify the team, and what their roles were.
4. Walk us through. What happened?
5. Show some of the archives
6. What worked?
7. What did not work? What could have gone better?
8. If you could do it again, what would you change?
9. Present metrics. The audience, reach, interactivity.