DH 09: The Individual Designer 04/05/10

Original design: The Wheel
Classics in style
Who is this?
Proto Movable type
Pictograph to actual “writing”
Before Printing Press. Tiresome but lovely….
Pre printing
The mother of all printing presses.
Significance of the mint
My man, Johanne
Holy MT!
Who paid for this?
Luther and the broadsheet and how he went “viral”
Changed the world?

Peas in a pod?
Designer vs Artist?
Fame from important painting and drawing. Classic!
The Human Form
And then the gears of war
Hand of David
La Mama Mia
Technological Leap called a “lock”
Add a wheel…
Crank and Rod
Valuable? Hell yes!!!


READ: Leonardo or Michelangelo: who is the greatest?
READ/Listen: Luther went “Viral”
VIDEO: Watch “The Day the Universe Changed”