PP 10: 04/02/19

– Experiment with FB live. Try it out!
– Experiment with Instagram live. Try it out!
– Post archives to your scratch site
*** But first, uoMe ***
– The first draft of Business card Design (+ optional letterhead)
— Incorporate feedback
— Iterative process
Ready to Print?
– Do the research. Talk to people.
– Business card: Due as part of your Final.

Live Streaming vs. Asynchronous Media
What is the difference?
Examples – email, youtube channels, podcasts
Yes, podcasting is a thing.

– Get into Groups of 2-3
Next week, come in with a Live Streaming or Asynchronous Media plan.
– should involve interaction with a live audience
– must be AT LEAST 5-10 minutes in length
– Include metrics. How many participated, etc.
– Technical details: Schedule

1. Media content with interaction – A one-time event ***
2. Make art or stage a performance. More of a “Broadcast model” with limited interactivity but still “live” **
3. Asynchronous – Meaning serialized (more than 1 episode. video or audio – Podcast) **

Create a Live Streaming or Asynchronous Media plan. Present.
Edit Business card design
Start uploading content – Portfolio, website.