PP 08: 03/19/19

Practice & Preparation (DUE: 03/26):
Research – find at least 3 (three) companies you could see yourself working for (the companies can be in more than one industry). Research the companies. Learn all you can about them. How would you make this company better?
Practice – Come up with the 10 questions you think they would ask you and think about your answers. Then, come up with 10 questions YOU would ask in an interview.
Briefly review in class. Turn in (Digication)

Salary Negotiations:

Social Media:
Some good…
Some bad: An interesting Point
– Agree? Not Agree?

1. Goals:
2. Target Audience:
3. Competitive Research:
4. Choose Channels:
5. Content Strategy:
6. Engage:
7. Metrics and Analysis:

Don’t forget about #hashtags
Hashtag headaches

– Set up a scratch site
– Create a Social Media strategy.
_ Start thinking about the hashtags you will be using
– Create: One (1) 3-5 minute video introduction as a Designer (put it on Youtube or Vimeo and embed on your scratch site)