PP 05: 02/19/19

– Read chapter 8 (Interviews)
– (CV) Resume – Draft. Turn in via Digication AND a printed copy.
– Edit ALL of your professional Social Media Profiles.
– Personal Brand: Creative Brief (Mood Board. Draft – Show in class)

Apply. Establish best practices moving forward.
Look at the shape…
Consistency across platforms
Be creative!
A good, “How to”.
– Start implementing changes now.

Happy Birthday! and many more?
Snakes can tweet? This one can…
You are such a Weiner
You too can be a “Carlos Danger”

Before Twitter? we had CB
Phreak Out!!
Before they were legit
My first Podcast
BBS, with art
Early commercial networks
Chat with me
Before Facebook
Brand matters little, VW

Chapter 8: All about interviews.
Practice and Preparation
Appearance – Important – but variable (Style! Research the company culture).
Resources by Google

Practice & Preparation:
Research – find at least 3 (three) companies you could see yourself working for. Use your work on the Parachute (Petals/flower). What would make you happy?
The companies can be in more than one industry.
Research the companies. Learn all you can about them. How would you make this company better?
Practice – Come up with the 10 questions you think they would ask you and think about your answers. Then, come up with 10 questions YOU would ask in an interview.

Portfolio content categorized by next class (images, video, audio, other and description- Graphic Design, Illustration, Game Art, etc)
Start refining and working on branding (it will end up on Websites, social media, business cards, etc)
See “Practice & Preparation” above. Complete the Research and Questions. Present next week.
READ Chapters 9, 10.