DAAT 315 04: Design + Brand 02/11/20

– Read Chapter 7
– Continue working on your Parachute Method worksheets and Structure (Start with a structure, then categories, then priorities per category)
– Organize all your portfolio content and SM links.
– Website/Portfolio platform experiments. Post links on your “scratch site”.
Are you rushing??

You need both. Figure out your approach.
IMAGES: All of these platforms provide you with templates. Do a little research and find out what their image and video parameters are. Dig around. Use Google for help.
Themes/Templates matter

TEXT: Use the dummy text at the beginning of the development process. Here are some useful links:
The Standard

TESTING: Structural – On as many platforms and devices as possible (iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Tablet). Once images and text are added, check for broken links and missing/incorrect images.

Know the limitations

Google is your new resume?
Profiles are important
CV Basics

Personal Brands
Start with a “Mood Board”

– Read chapter 8 (Interviews)
– Resume Draft: Edit or create a new one. Turn in at the end of the class.
– Personal Brand: Creative Brief Draft (Mood Board. Show in class next week)
– Edit ALL of your professional Social Media Profiles.