ON 12/11/18, @ 1 PM
Present your final project in class. Turn in as a build (MUST WORK ON MAC OS) OR project folder.

Create a digital program that is interactive and includes the following:
1. Some type of animation/video (Introduction, credits, cutscenes, interludes, etc.).
2. Characters or Environments (well thought out and crafted)
3. Audio
The final project does NOT have to be a video game, but it MUST be interactive.

Ok, got it. But what exactly am I turning in? TODAY, the following are due:
1. Design document – This document specifies the primary aims of the interactive experience and describes the user interaction and outcomes. Example. Is the design actually achievable?
2. Concept art and/or character creation (in .PNG or JPEG)
3. Detailed Technical Specification – explaining what kind of technology will be utilized for making the experience. INCLUDE Flowchart!!!
— PUT all f the above in a folder + Build and/or Project Folder. Leave folder with your name on the computer in 1219. —