EMP2 13: Work on Final Project 04/25/18

Review Site Interface Design.
Make sure you have completed Sitemap and Wireframes.

-Designing the visual interface:
Deliverables: Interface in JPG, PNG or PDF

jquery picks
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– Create a sitemap. Create Wireframes for you major pages.

At least 3 HTML/CSS pages with the following:
– Try Color names
– Make sure you understand the “Z-index”. Try either example.
– Try the Float and Clear Examples
– Use “Display – Block/Inline”

Create at 3 HTML/CSS interlinked pages, and complete the following on each page:
— 1. place background image or color using CSS
— 2. Use the “box model”
— 3. Use pseudo-classes
— 4. One page should use external CSS
— Practice CSS priorities

– At least 3 HTML pages set up in Root, second Level, and third level directories. Help?
– Create forms (Remember: they will not work yet)
– Include a META refresh and redirect
– Include iframes
– Include video, audio. Compare to embedding.

– At least 3 HTML pages set up in Parent, Child, and Grandchild directories.
– Include a list
– Use the “id” attribute, to link to “top” or “bottom”
– Use the “id” attribute to link to a specific section on another page
– Use the link attribute, to generate a new page (link to a new page or tab)
– Mount a large image in an HTML table using Photoshop. Next, put text over the image as demonstrated in class.

Create a splash page for your website (use anything you want) with an image and a link. Example?

Final HTML Project:
1. Sitemap
2. wire frames
3. Interface
4. A full site (HTML/CSS + images in a folder)