EMP2 11: HTML/CSS Quiz

Quiz! Some helpful tools.
Review instructions and start.

CREATE: 1 HTML/CSS page. Include:
– multiple columns (2 or 3)
– Use @import for CSS and/or Fonts
– try a simple media rule
– try a CSS drop-down menu

Inline vs float
Remember This? Try using the above instead

-Generating schematic wireframes for key interfaces and interactions:
Deliverables: Site Inventory/Site Map,
Layout grids – Wire Frames.
Wire frames should be worked up to scale.
Virtual Space is as old as art.
Stats for size
Think of a grid
Stats for Browsers
Don’t forget the “Mobile” Experience
Mobile sizes are helpful.
Sources to Review:
More on the Hover
Advanced Hover effects
Zen Garden

Start Work on your Final
– Create a sitemap. Create Wireframes for you major pages.
– Intro to frameworks
Fluid Template
Responsive Designs