EMP2 07: Forms, Meta, and A/V 02/28/18

Create the following:
– At least 3 HTML pages set up in Parent, Child, and Grandchild directories.
– Include a list
– Use the “id” attribute, to link to “top” or “bottom”
– Use the “id” attribute to link to a specific section on another page
– Use the link attribute, to generate a new page (link to a new page or tab)
– Mount a large image in an HTML table using Photoshop. Next, put text over the image as demonstrated in class.
Example and the Code.

Read: Chapter 7, 8, and 9.

7. Forms – Practice formatting.
Code review for 7
Adding PHP and functionality.

8. Extra Markup
Code review for 8.
Review types of HTML
ID and Class, Declaration or “Doctypes”
Comments are useful.
Be very clear on Block and Inline elements
iframes are everywhere.
Meta basics – Here are EXAMPLES
Meta from Google
Meta today
Special Characters, Escape
Ch8, Summary

9. Video, Audio, Flash

Read: Chapter 7, 8, and 9.
Complete Code review for 7, 8, and 9.

1. Read the chapters above
2. Create the following:
– At least 3 HTML pages set up in Root, second Level, and third level directories. Help?
– Create forms (Remember: they will not work yet)
– Include a META refresh and redirect
– Include iframes
– Include video, audio. Compare to embedding.