PFC 13:

11/27/17 – Be prepared to talk about your plan for final project.
What are you doing?
What are the challenges?

Adding Dynamic Elements:
For Twine users, consider including animated GIFs
Besides Photoshop, many resources exist.

OOP in Unity
Video 1
Video 2

Scene to Scene?
Lear more about “Stand alone”. Publishing Builds.
Resource for Standalone Player Settings
You can even port Unity to the Web
Please Publish a minor Build by next week (12/04)

Due 12/11/17 –
Based on the smaller projects (Terrain, Simple Game, 2d), create a narrative, interactive, experience using any of the techniques we have covered this semester.
The final deliverable can be in Unity or any other interactive environment (HTML, Javascript, etc).
Present your project as a “Published Build” in class on 12/11/17