PFC 12:

Deliver a narrative, interactive, experience in 2D. Present in class.
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So far..
– 2D and interactive narrative
– Create simple animation using the built in Unity tools.
– Did you complete your environment? Take a screen Shot and email to me
– CREATE a very simple game in Unity with player movement, and collisions.
– Unity environment
– Functional coding

What is next?
– Object Oriented Programming
– Pulling it all Together

Due 12/11/17 –
Based on the smaller projects (Terrain, Simple Game, 2d), create a narrative, interactive, experience using any of the techniques we have covered this semester (see list above)
The final deliverable can be in Unity or any other interactive environment (HTML, Javascript, etc).
Present your project in class on 12/11/17
Be prepared to talk about your plan on 11/27/17