PFC 10:

1. Did you complete your environment? Take a screen Shot and email to me (Make sure this has been sent)
2. CREATE a very simple game in Unity with player movement, and collisions. This is based on the Tutorial Show in class.
– To turn this in, please .zip project assets and scripts. Either email to me OR if they are large, put on Google Drive and share with me.

3. Create simple animation using the built in Unity tools. Show it if you have it.

Lets talk about 2D and Unity
A Different approach: Branching Structure
Live Examples at
This is really just paths. Decisions mean different paths but can we make it more complex?
Points – based on actions , you accumulate points. This could determine paths taken.
Tools: Twine
Tools: More available for 2d and Interactivity. Free at the Asset store.
You may consider GitHub for version control and support….

Moving away from code. Come up with an Interactive narrative using a branching Structure. Quick Review before class ends
Experiment with tools such as Twine and Fungus (see links above).
This is working towards a 2D, interactive narrative due 11/20. It can be sprite based or even text based.
Focus on the narrative and interaction and experiment with Twine AND Fungus.