DH 08: Cartography – Map to the Renaissance 10/25/19

Review: Major Project No. 1. Present – 11/01
Don’t forget the buildings…
There’s a starman waiting in the sky
First Atlas
Is this a map?
Survey all of the land
Egypt and Geometry
One of the oldest
World according to Greeks
Silk Map
Medieval World
The age of exploration
History of Cartography.
We are used to this. Have a look at older examples I brought in.
Right here in Philly
READ: 12 Maps

Proto Movable type
Pictograph to actual “writing”
Before Printing Press. Tiresome but lovely….
Pre printing
The mother of all printing presses.
Significance of the mint
My man, Johanne
Holy MT!
Who paid for this?
Luther and the broadsheet and how he went “viral”
Changed the world?

READ: Luther went “Viral”
VIDEO: Watch