WDS 06: MORE CSS 10/03/17

Read: Chapter 11 and 13.
Complete Code review for 11 and 13
Create 3 HTML/CSS interlinked pages, and complete the following on each page:
— 1. place background image and practice positioning and margins.
— 2. Use the “box model”
— 3. Use pseudo classes
— Did you implement “External CSS”? If not, Convert your pages to External CSS.
Show us!!

Review CSS priorities
Demo – Google > Developer Tools
Old Web Emulator

Ch. 11
Color names
Opacity – roll over using JavaScript:
Try it using the CSS – hover property

Ch. 13
Make sure you are familiar with this.
And, you did all of these…
display /BlockInline

Studio 06: CSS Review
Read: Chapter 3, 15, and 16.
Complete Code review for 3, 15, and 16
– Create a single page with the following:
– Try CSS opacity hover
– Try JavaScript opacity hover (copy the code)
– A list of any kind
– Any variation of the “display” property (none, inline, inline-block, etc.)
– Create a navigation menu from a list and the “display” property.