WDS 04: Forms and Markup + CSS intro 09/19/17

Read: Chapter 7 and 8.
Complete Code review for 7 and 8
Following the Table Demo: Create a table with mounted image and put text on top of the images in HTML. Present in class
Tables: background attribute

7. Forms – Practice formatting.
Code review for 7
Adding PHP and functionality.
Download the code

8. Extra Markup
Code review for 8.
Review types of HTML
ID and Class, Declaration or “Doctypes”
Comments are useful.
Be very clear on Block and Inline elements
iframes are everywhere.
Meta basics – Here are EXAMPLES
Meta from Google
Meta today
Special Characters, Escape
Ch8, Summary

CSS in Action!
CSS Intro
CSS parts

Studio 04: HTML + Intro to CSS
Read: 10.
Complete Code review for 10
HTML/CSS: Use the META tag to refresh and redirect