PFC 02: Programming – Core Concepts

Final Syllabus F18
The Microchip. Evolution
Tennis for 2
DEC computer
Stevie R
Inspiration comes in many forms
The Game!
Video Game Industry Pioneer
Computer Space for the masses
His company and that name
First is not always best
Much better!
Birth of an industry

Get it before next class
Let it Flow
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Lab 02: JS and P5.JS
Try a “Hello World!” program in Javascript
Hello World! – JS example
Try Calling a function in JavaScript
P5.JS – Start Here.
Try the “Your First Sketch” on this page.

1. Create a “Hello World” in JS, both as an alert AND written on the HTML page. Now Create a “Hello World!” ALERT* in P5.JS.
2. P5.JS – Turn in “Your First Sketch” with simple modifications.
3. P5.JS – Review the “Overview”. Using as many of the features as possible, create a simple animation or interactive script. Start with a Flow Chart of your own design. We will review next week. NOTE** Do not worry about making it “work”. You are beginners. I want you to get used to the process and the steps to accomplish your goal.
4. Send me sketch.js and .html files via email OR shared on Google drive. Make sure you save the names in a way that I can tell them apart, ex. “sketch_HW.js”

* P5 is for drawing, so it is not easy to write. Of course, there is always a way. Extra credit if you can figure out a way to “write”, “Hello World!” in the P5 environment.