PFC 02: Programming pt. 2, Unity

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Is HTML/CSS programming?
The first published Program by Ada Lovelace
When Hardware was King
DE gears: Analog Computing
Mechanical Counters
Measure Distance
Differential Analyzer and other Analog Computers
Analog Computing is deadly
Konrad Zuse
What he used for storage
Before ENIAC, but Classified
The role of women in Programming

Hello World! – JS example
How about calling a function?
How would you do that in Unity?

Try a “Hello World!” program in Javascript
Try a Hello World! program in Unity (look it up and demo next week)
Try Calling a function in JavaScript
Try calling a function in unity (look up and Demo next week)
What built-in functions are included in Unity’s API? (Research)
Read Unity Documentation
Review and complete this scripting tutorial (Unity)