WDS 03: HTML – Semantics to Tables 09/12/17

Read Chapter 1,2
Code Work: Review 1, 2 – Practice (create several HTML files)
Try the W3 HTML Tutorial
Create a splash page for your web site (use anything you want) with an image and a link. Example?

Read: 4, 5, and 6.
HTML: Try out all the code samples: 4, and 5 and 6. I want to see tables in particular.

How to organize your HW

Talk about Version Control
HTML is a hierarchy.
HTML Summary
All the tags
HTML Summary 2
Good resource
Looking Ahead:
– HTML link attributes
– Ch4 – Examples,
HTML is depends on file paths pg. 11
Path demo. Should end up at this LINK. You can also download the files
E-mail link magic
– Tables: Basic
– Tables: Colspan, Rowspan
Table: Photoshop Demo
HTML and the background image
Tables: background attribute

Studio 03: HTML Tables
Read: Chapter 7 and 8.
Complete Code review for 7 and 8
Following the Table Demo: Create a table with mounted image and put text on top of the images in HTML