WDS 12: Work on Final Deliverables 04/14/17

Work on your Final
– Intro to frameworks
Fluid Template
Responsive Designs

Saves work
Makes coding easier
Best Practices


A. The Development Process Documents (This was your mid term. Make sure process reflects the finished final project):

B. Homework Assignments.

Studio 01:
Create a splash page for your web site (use anything you want) with an image and a link. Example?

Studio 02: HTML and Process
HTML: Try out all the code samples: 4, and 5 and 6.

Studio 03:
Read: Chapter 7 and 8.
Complete Code review for 7 and 8

Studio 04:
Mount an image in a table. Put text in certain table cells.

Studio 05:
– Try Meta tag, refresh and redirect
– Create at least 3 HTML pages, using CSS to complete the following on each page:
– 1. place background image,
– 2. Use the “box model”
– 3. Use pseudo classes

Studio 06:
– Try External CSS
– Try CSS opacity hover

Studio 07:
Make sure you understand “Float” and “Clear”.
Review this EXAMPLE. Copy and customize! (Show next Week)

Studio 08:
– Create a 2 Column layout using HTML/CSS
– Create a 3 Column layout using HTML/CSS
– Try a JS Drop down menu
– Try CSS Drop down
– Try Media query (color change)

Studio 09:
– Import and display fonts
– Try an image Roll-over (javascript or CSS)
– HTML5 Code (make sure you have tried it)
– Try a Favicon
– RWD tutorial

Studio 10:
Try the JS redirect

C. WordPress site. Installed and customized

D. Final Site (URL)

Work on your final Deliverables