HMT Final

PART 1: Practical
The book “the Innovators” has introduced us to an amazing narrative about the creation of the digital Revolution. We have only skimmed the surface of the rich stories that Walter Isaacson has pulled together and for the final, we will go into more depth. Choose any of the chapters in the book.

Explore the particular chapter in detail, focusing on the main characters and plot lines. What did you find to be the most interesting story and character in that particular chapter? Did it change your perception about innovation, collaboration, and creation? How?

Please respond in 550 words with at least 3 sources.

PART 2: Creative
Apply “poetical science” to your selection above. I want to see your intersection of Art and Technology as a response. Picture, Infographic, video, song, photography, poem, etc.
No more than a page (written), 5 minutes (media), etc.

DUE: April 26. 2017

HOMEWORK: (Make sure all assignments complete by 04/19)
1. We mentioned “Poetic Science”. What does it mean to you?
Answer by reading BOTH poems above. Answer using imagination, art and technology.

2. Watch the following:
– Metropolis (1927)
Create a vision of the future using the film as a reference point. Be creative (music, story, video, infograph etc.)

3. Answer: If men had realized how significant programming was, would they have let women do it? Who is a woman in technology or the intersection of technology and art that you admire the most? Answer creatively…

4. WATCH: Ex Machina.
Answer: What would the sequel to the movie be? Vengeful Cyborg? Hero? Boss battle? More human than human? Answer creatively.

5. Due 03/15:
So far, we have covered many different individuals who have contributed greatly to the development of MODERN computing and technology. Some are interesting characters hidden in the chapters, that we have not directly covered due to time constraints.

For your mid-term, please select a Person (from the reading), device (transistor, microchip, vacuum tube). or artist that best encompasses the idea of “Poetical Science” as described in the reading and in our class discussions. Give reasons to support your answer in 300 words with visuals.

6. Watch: “Rise of the Video Game” and Explore.
Which game has been the most influential game ever created, in your opinion?

7. ASSIGNMENT: Read ““As We May Think”. Imagine that you are a young person interested in HAM radios and electronics in 1945 and you read this article. How would you imagine the future? Answer creatively.

8. ANSWER: Are you team Jobs or team Gates? Why?