IDES 322 03: 02/11/14 Web Dev Process

What is virtual Space?

“The Virtual Space Theory is a body of principles proposing a consistent and systematic understanding of the idea of virtual space, particularly with respect to its uses and occurrences in visual media, art, and architecture.”

Read This:
Virtual Space is as old as art.
960 Grid
t960 upgrade
the new 1024×768?
Above the fold
And Adaptive, too

What process? Why do we need it?
the bad, worse, just plain ugly

The Development Process:
– Research/sketches : – DELIVERABLE: Requirements Doc
– Anticipating end-user scenarios: Example, Example2
– Modeling the user experience: Deliverable: Design Document: Audience Scenarios, and Competitive Analysis. Many examples to consider and all are different.
– Functional Specifications: Deliverable: Functional Specifications.
-Generating schematic wireframes for key interfaces and interactions: Deliverables: Site Inventory/Site Map,. Layout grids (Wire frames)
-Designing the visual interface: Deliverables: Template mock-ups in PSD or IA., Web based prototype
-Invite feedback/user testing: Deliverable: Feedback
-Technical Production: Deliverables: Alpha Site
-QA: Testing. Deliverables: Bug List, Beta Site
-Launch: Deliverables: Final Site

Sources to Review:
Read This
Experience Maps
Wireframes Mag
UX for gamers
Dummy text with a twist

Studio 03: Web Development Process and UIX
Read Articles above. We are focusing on Usability and Usability Mapping today.
Practice UIX and documentation:
– Start thinking about your portfolio site. Draft requirements.
– Who is the audience? Determine the target demographic and create preliminary user scenarios.
– Create User experience maps for your site
– Create a Site Map for the site. Start with content inventory.
Upload to your site and send me the URL.