WDS 08: Lists – Interactive Menus 03/17/17

MID TERM: Process documentation due. Present
Complete Code review for 3, and 14
Make sure you understand “Float” and “Clear”.
Review this EXAMPLE. Copy and customize!

Ch. 14
List styles
List images
Table Properties
Even the Cursor can change
Lists are important for drop down menus:
Drop, example. JS Basics.
Can do it in CSS as well
Pick your poison

Ch. 15
The power of “Z”. Download code – DEMO
What “Z” can do for you
2 column, and 3 column layout.
@import. + Layout example
But, when presented as a media rule: @media – used for different purposes:
Media Rules
– More Media info

Studio 08: More CSS + Drop downs
– Make sure you understand the “Z-index”. Try either example.
– Create a 2 Column layout using HTML/CSS
– Create a 3 Column layout using HTML/CSS
– Try a JS Drop down menu
– Try CSS Drop down
– Try Media query (color change)

READ: Ch 12, and 17
Complete Code review for 12, and 17