HMT 07: The Microchip 03/01/17

Shockley’s Co
and Shockley himself
Transistors in devices.
need to be smaller
Tyranny of soldering
First chip
Planar Process
The 2 amigos
Chips needed for this
More Incentive
TI to the rescue
the lowly calculator
Still with us, today
His Law
His company
Ted Hoff and his chip
First use
Intel’s commercial chip
Personal v.2
Name Change

with science
Rise of Tiny Tech
Evil microprocessor
The fear of microchip

Mid Term:
Read: Chapter 6 – Video GAmes

Due 03/15:
So far, we have covered many different individuals who have contributed greatly to the development of MODERN computing and technology. Some are interesting characters hidden in the chapters, that we have not directly covered due to time constraints.

For your mid-term, please select a Person (from the reading), device (transistor, microchip, vacuum tube). or artist that best encompasses the idea of “Poetical Science” as described in the reading and in our class discussions. Give reasons to support your answer in 300 words with visuals.