SMD 05: 02/14/17

– Connect your Domain to your main Portfolio (Tumblr, Wix, etc). If you have not done it. Please send me your link, via email:
– Junior Studio – Instant Village. Create social media to support your Junior Studio deliverables for this week (>Outline of understanding >Research and expert interviews – leading to Presentations). Pictures, video, etc. – KEEP Doing This
– View metrics and start your own matrix

Goal: Using Social Media to drive users to your ….?
…to share
Referrals drive traffic
We love to share and so does FB!
Know your channels
The “no-brainer”

Even Audio
What is it? What is RSS?
Why Podcast?
Easy today
Podcasting still relevant?
YouTube Works
A good solution?
Not too bad
How do I get control of the link?
Podcasting for all
A Resource

– Snapchat: use it. Get to know it. Run a series related to your Junior Studio project with images and video. Take Screen shots to show next week
– Podcast. Create a podcast. Either audio or video.
You can use any platform discussed BUT I would like at least one example using PodCast Machine and the itpc: protocol LINK ON YOUR TEST BLOG