WC 13: Final Before the Final 11/29/16

Final Serial
Final Vine/IG
Final Proposal

Write a detailed proposal for your final project
– What will it be?
– Gameplay?
– Presentation
– Promotions
– Requirements (Technical, Game related)
– Required – Dry run before the actual stream date (date should be in your plan)
– Reward? Incentive for the audience

Final Live Project : Due on December 6 (12/06)
Must be a live interactive project, at least 40 minutes in length
In class, you will present the results and critique the outcome.

– 1 Blog (technical journal). All Serials, Vine/IG and assignments should be here. Send URL.
– 1 Video (What I did Last summer)
– 12 Serial Videos
– 12 Vine/IG
– Podcast (link with minimum, 2-3 videos)
– 2 archives (if available) for initial live projects
– Proposal/Plan for Final Project
– Archive of Final Project + Final Presentation in class

Final Project. Email me day and time.
In our final class, we will Review you final.
Come prepared with the following:
– Promotional example (Electronic or Physical)
– Sample content (archive)
– Evaluation – What went right/wrong. What could be better?
– Review your metrics.