WC 08: LIVE STREAMING 2 10/18/16

Serial #6
Vine/IG #6
Live Stream. Try FB live streaming
Try YouTube, live streaming.
Save archives to show in class next week.
Make sure you understand Podcasting and the ITPC Protocol (This is a deliverable for the class)

– Review some of the past projects
OBS does it all here are some tutorials for plugins
– Work in pairs
– Keep some basics in mind: Lighting, script (plan), Game play, Connection, Promotions and marketing, platform and interaction, Dry run, always have a plan B.
– First interactive Live Streaming Project: Due IN class next week

Serial #7
Vine/IG #7
Live Streaming Project: Next Tuesday @ 2PM
– Promote! you want friends and family from your networks participating.
– Interactive Game of some sort lasting a minimum of 20 minutes
– Use FB live, Youtube OR any other provider
– Real time interaction REQUIRED (platform)
– Archives required